Counsel to Business

Corporate and Commercial Law

Trusted adviser to small businesses. Someone you want to call for legal advice or support. Someone who believes that a long-term relationship is far more important than the fees. There are thousands of lawyers who can handle an assignment well. What distinguishes one from another? Everything else. Cost, responsiveness, creativity, practical planning and problem solving, and a clear explanation of alternatives. Find out why Roger Wiegley’s clients are still his clients after many years.

From idea to company formation; founder protection and key person equity participation; commercial agreements of all types; capital raising and VC investments; M&A; and SEC reporting. Other services include joint ventures and other business combinations, due diligence services, secured and unsecured loans, broker-dealer regulation, insurance and reinsurance, corporate governance and regulatory compliance.

Counsel to Business

Business clients want more than professional excellence, essential as it is. They also want ingenuity and responsiveness, and they want the cost of legal services to be both reasonable and transparent. This is especially true for small to mid-sized businesses that do not have an in-house counsel.

Virtually every law firm touts its "client service" but how many describe what that means? Client service is what makes the practice of law rewarding.


Large companies can pay the high hourly rates charged by large law firms. Start-ups and small businesses cannot, yet they need the same quality of work. Fortunately, there are lawyer with years of large law firm experience that do not have to change high fees because they do not have the burdens of high overhead, junior lawyers whose compensation bears no relation to their contributions to the client, and unproductive (but highly compensated) partners. Roger Wiegley is one of those lawyers.

Efficient and Practical

Efficiency in the practice of law is largely a function of experience. Many years of practice teach a lawyer what is important and what isn’t. Practicality is a business-minded attitude. Time is not just money. It’s the clients’ money and how the clients’ money is spent is a key aspect of client service. Legal advice should be concise and useful. Clients do not want a lengthy (and expensive) memo that is long on scholarship and short on practical guidance.

Personal Interest

Long-term relationships with clients are far more important than fees for a particular assignment. Of course, this does not minimize every client’s absolute need for the highest quality of legal services. Roger Wiegley can deliver such quality because he spent 17 years at Wall Street law firms and several years at financial firms.

Contact an experienced business lawyer

To talk to an experienced business law attorney contact the Law Offices of Roger D. Wiegley. He can be reached by phone at 1-323-522-5333 (Los Angeles) or 1-917-517-6137 (New York) or 1-408-769-6107 (Sunnyvale) or contact him online today.

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